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Vault Program

Tank time

CCC maintains the highest standards throughout every step involved in the production of world-class caviar. As a master in caviar production, Deborah’s experience and impeccable palate is often sought after by top culinary experts to source and produce private labels with world-renowned chefs.

Like expert wine makers, caviar masters are known for their reluctance to share their secrets. By contrast, we are transparent with our partners and have developed our proprietary master caviar course for our chefs.

Our Vault Program, an invitation only educational course, trains chefs on the art of caviar production from tank to tin. At Caviar Camp we teach our partner chefs the art of making and producing world class caviar. Beginning with “getting tanked” by jumping into the tanks with the white sturgeons and hand selecting each fish in search of the perfect egg. We teach our propriety techniques for harvesting, processing and storing caviar and very batch is cured and processed according to each individual chef’s formula and technique. Every egg goes back to the restaurant under their private label. Our Caviar Chefs have a great respect for our process and are vested in the selection of fish, terroir, salt and timing to elevate their own culinary creations.

"I love sharing my expertise and knowledge with my Caviar Chefs. …. I get the greatest sense of accomplishment when my Caviar Chefs are proud their custom caviar. The feedback I get weeks and months later is what brings me lasting satisfaction."

- Deborah Keane, California Caviar Company Founder & CEO