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Stephanie Fels, is the founder of Blue Cove Preserves. She grew up in a multicultural household with a French father and Ecuadorian mother. In her childhood she lived in France with her family (in the city of Toulouse), where, similarly to the rest of southern Europe, tinned fish is a culinary delicacy celebrated in the culture. Her mission is to develop this craft in North America and put delicious tins of seafood preserves in kitchen pantries.

Not only are these delectable tins high in nutritional value with Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and vitamins; they also make an elegant appetizer food or a compliment to a great dish.

Blue Cove partners with suppliers that honor responsible fishing practices on  US shores rather than importing from across the world. Our recipes were created with locally sourced premium condiments, care and love.Stephanie has a 15-year career in entrepreneurship. She's a member of Cornell University AgriTech's Center of Excellence, and was a panelist in the Annual Seafood Summit of 2023, organized by NOAA Sea Grant, hosted at the Culinary Institute of America.

Blue Cove Preserves is a finalist in Cornell University's Grow-NY program which provides financing to innovative, high-growth food and agriculture startups from across the globe. 

Blue Cove Preserves featured in Buzzfeed and Esquire Magazine.