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Sustainability, Traceability, and Transparency

What sets us apart in the caviar industry is that our farm is completely sustainable in its nature and operation. Our infinity loop model, takes our natural water sources from our aquifers on property to supply our tanks and ponds. After it filters through our farm, our nutrient rich water goes to our neighbors to irrigate their fields for their cattle, later seeping back into the ground to replenish our mineral rich aquifers. “It is a perfect loop - what we take out we put back.” Our model has been touted by US Fish and wildlife department and used as an example for sustainable and optimal farming practices.

With the proliferation of caviar farms throughout the world, Deborah has traveled the globe selecting and making caviar with the highest caliber caviar farms throughout North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Aware that farming conditions are critical to the ultimate quality of caviar, she is meticulous about the condition of water, feed and the overall environment in which the fish are raised. She is well known for climbing in the tanks to personally taste each and every egg before harvest. Her relentless energy and insistence on quality has made her one of the most respected and well-known leaders in the caviar industry.

Our seasoned and dedicated team of experts work 24/7 insuring the health and wellness of our farm and its many inhabitants. Our sturgeon team spawn and raise our pure indigenous breed of white sturgeon solely at CQ Ranch until harvest.

OUR Farming principles

Organic in Nature – You can't improve mother nature, we stick with her master plan.

Sustainable by Design – We take care of mother earth and she’ll take care of us.

Farmer’s Ethos – If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. 

Sustainability: We care our about natural resources. We put back what we take out. We’re committed to preserving our environment in everything we do.

Transparency: We clearly label all of our products with species, ingredients and country of origin.

Traceability: Every jar of caviar has a tracking number that allows us to trace every egg back to the farm, fish and harvest date.

Quality: Impeccable water quality and the highest quality feed = premium caviar.

Integrity: No herbicides. No pesticides. No preservatives. No hormones.

Reliability: We control every step of production—from our farm to your table. Transparent and traceable, no one touches our caviar, except us.

Guarantee: Every egg is personally guaranteed by the Caviar Queen.

Compliance: Setting industry standards by sharing our certifications for added consumer confidence.

CCC has over 20 permits, certifications and licenses including: GMPs, HACCP, USDA, INAD, US F&W Import/Export, Serve Safe, ABC, FDA Food Processors, FDA Bioterrorism, US F&W, CA aquaculture, Marin County Environmental Health etc. Please inquire for more information. We are happy to share.

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