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"Caviar is the pause that says I love myself ..."

- Anonymous

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While the sturgeon has been around for 200 million years, it wasn’t until the past decade that the market for caviar began to get interesting. In September of 2007, California Caviar Company launched the first sustainable caviar company in the world and the industry has not been the same since. From its inception, California Caviar has been true to its core mission: sustainability, innovation and education. Linking old world traditions with the new world of sustainable aquaculture and culinary innovation, CCC has become a global leader in the production of sustainably farmed, premium caviar, sought after by Michelin Star chefs, discriminating connoisseurs, and those just discovering the joy of caviar. 

The genesis of California Caviar Company was a direct response to consumer demand for a safe, reliable purveyor of high-quality caviar. Our mission is to provide a premium sustainable product that is controlled and guaranteed so our clients can trust and trace every egg from tank to tin.” 

      ~ Deborah Keane, Caviar Queen

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"I'd do anything for caviar and probably did." 

-  Henry Kissinger


“Caviar is here to stay and, through continued education, it will be an everyday indulgence for many in the near future.”

      ~Deborah Keane

Deborah Keane—the “Caviar Queen”—a renowned tastemaker and caviar master has built a complete, vertically integrated spawning-to-serving enterprise. In a rough and tumble business, the Boston-bred Keane has defied the odds and has broken the ceiling by becoming the first female owned and operated caviar company in the world and the first female fish farm owner in state of California. 

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The bump bar

Keane’s passion for promoting the health and nutritional benefits of caviar is second to none. Another signature ‘first’ for the brand is the Bump Bar in Sausalito, California, an intimate caviar bar with chef-curated menus and a Champagne-centric wine list. 

The bump bar

"One can be unhappy before eating caviar, even after, 
but at least not during.

- Irving Kristol,

Caviar Class

CCC’s dedication to provide caviar lovers with the finest responsibly produced product has led the Caviar Queen to adventures around the globe — and back home to California, where she is committed to sharing her expertise and inexhaustible caviar knowledge with her customers. The more we share, the more our customers have confidence in their purchase and how to pair, cook, serve and store this edible luxury at home.

“Caviar has a lot of mystery and deceit in its past and still prevails in our present. I want to reveal the mystery and deception so that our customers are well informed and can feel confident they are buying from a reliable, authentic source.“

      ~ Deborah Keane

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“If you have caviar, the way to eat it is by the spoonful. ”

- Ruth Reichl 

THE Caviar Life

In the world of caviar, we go from grit to glam. In any given day we might travel from the farm and tanks to private jets and yachts attending high profile, charitable events. Our products are the gold standard for caviar and we enjoy sharing our Caviar Bumps with celebrity connoisseurs and “caviar virgins” alike. From Pebble Beach to The Oscars to James Beard Foundation galas — and everywhere in between, CCC indulges their guests with a popular presence at all major culinary industry events.