California Caviar Company

California Caviar Company is a global leader in the production of sustainably farmed caviar, supplying top chefs and caviar connoisseurs worldwide. Owned and operated by Deborah Keane—the “Caviar Queen”—a renowned tastemaker and caviar master who built a fully vertically integrated spawn-to-serving enterprise. Keane’s commitment to preserving the world’s delicate resources, coupled with a passion for producing the finest, premium caviar, sets a new standard for the caviar industry. We believe caviar should be an everyday indulgence. Enjoy!


While supplying a superior, luxury food, we offer sustainable products that incorporate the use of only the most responsible fish farming techniques. Constantly evolving, developing and distributing signature caviar lines along with products that push the boundaries of the gourmet world.

Old World Mystique & New World Innovations

California Caviar Company is the pioneer in providing superior, luxury foods, sustainable products that are controlled and guaranteed, from our farm to you. We love to share our expertise and knowledge and are committed to excellence — and our products reflect this. From caviar and serving tips, to partnerships with legendary chefs, to fine accessories — you can find it all here.