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PERFECT Pairings

The Art of Pairing 

Caviar & wine are delicate seasonal products and matching them just right varies from the species, the farm and of course the vintage - thus there are truly no rules when pairing other than pure enjoyment. Fortunately, the only way to find a pairing you prefer is to experiment and as we all know, practice makes perfect! Here are some guidelines from successful pairings we have done in the past. Enjoy and as always, INDULGE!!! 

Sparkling Rosé:
Paddlefish, Bourbon Trout, Saffron Whitefish, Salmon.
Farmed Russian Osetra, Siberian Ostera, hackleback, and truffle whitefish.
Blanc de Blanc:
California White Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Bacon Trout, Truffle Whitefish.
California white sturgeon, Paddlefish, Trout, Saffron Whitefish, Truffle Whitefish.
Sauvignon Blanc:
Hackleback, Saffron Whitefish, Lemongrass Whitefish.
California White Sturgeon, Hackleback, Trout.
Kaluga Hybrid, Russian Osetra, Siberian Osetra.
Blanc de Noir:
Farmed Russian Osetra, Trout, California White Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Whitefish, Truffle Whitefish, and Sterlet.
Cabernet Sauvignon:
California White Sturgeon.
Pinot Noir:
California White Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Whitefish, Truffle Whitefish, and Sterlet.

Bumps and Beer

Hackleback, White Sturgeon, Russian Osetra, and Truffle Whitefish.

Amber Ale:
Russian Osetra, Hackleback, Paddlefish, Truffle Whitefish, and Plain Whitefish.

Hackleback, Bourbon Trout, and Russian Osetra.

Salmon, Hackleback, White Sturgeon, and Siberian Osetra.