La Adelita Tequila – California Caviar Company


La Adelita Tequila is a true Estate operation dating back to 1885 when the descendants of Don Antonio Faustino, or “Amo Aceves”, built the old Hacienda La Capilla with the growing of agave at the core of its business. Located at 7,290 feet above sea level under the shade of the Cerro Gordo, this town in the heart of Jalisco Highs has some of the finest conditions for agave to flourish with moderate climate and volcanic ground.

After years of producing quality products rooted in passion, Hacienda La Capilla began producing tequila commercially. Today, La Adelita is a rare tequila produced there that is a 100% single-estate program, meaning the same group that owns, farms and harvests the land creates, markets and sells the tequila brand. La Adelita is proud to be a part of the less than 2% of tequila brands in existence who have this title.

La Adilata’s smooth, strong flavors are reflected in its name, embodying the strength of the women who fought in the Mexican revolution of 1910, Las Adelitas. Much like these female fighters, La Adelita Tequila is unrelenting in the pursuit of passionate perseverance toward purity, quality and authenticity.

Ay background is rooted in fine wine and food,” says Chris Radomski, CEO of Legends Spirits and Award Winning Vintner and Spirits Producer. “Since the creation of La Adelita, I’ve strived for concepts that would elevate the world of spirits on a level similar to the world of wine, especially when it comes to tequila.

We started experimenting with the flavors of our tequila paired with caviar, and after a long process of tastings and pairings with Chef Matt Zubrod, Culinary Director of The Little Nell, and Deborah at California Caviar, we found three amazing caviar combos that pair perfectly with our blanco, reposado and cristalino tequilas.

Focusing on these great pairings, and, looking to evolve the old school tequila shot with lime and salt, we created the ‘Adelita Bump’ - a concept that came to me from years of being around great chefs who indulged on caviar, and at times in a less sophisticated fashion for fun. We’ve found a way to replace salt and lime with caviar and a shot of La Adelita! lets all do the adelita bump!"

As a partnership that brings a renowned award-winning vintner together with a generational family and visionaries in Mexico, La Adelita’s intricate production process and American Oak barrel-aged product truly sets it apart from the rest, and now it offers caviar for you to put to the test.