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Russian Osetra-
This classic caviar ranges from dark brown to golden blond and has a full refined pop with a pronounced sea flavor

Siberian Sturgeon
This hearty species of sturgeon offers a jet black, medium size egg with a full, slightly sweet flavor and a nice pop.

A cousin to the famed Beluga, this large, firm bead and bronze color packs a full flavor with a hint of minerality.

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Queens Reserve-
The caviar maker’s hand selected white sturgeon caviar, boasts an extra large egg ranging from gold to platinum, with a buttery, fresh finish and nutty flavor.
Royal-This royal grade of our Osetra has a large pearl ranging from tawny brown to gray with a creamy, nutty flavor and smooth pop.

This grade of Osetra has a jet black medium-size bead. Although slightly smaller in size than the royal grade, you will still enjoy the same buttery, creamy pop.

Great for large parties, Hackleback can be used as a substitute for the pricier osetras. This popular American sturgeon has small jet black eggs packing a full flavor with nutty characteristics, lending itself well to anything from corncakes to a burrata & brioche grilled cheese. It pairs perfectly with either a glass of brut champagne or an amber ale.

This American caviar has a small grey bead with a briny, slight mineral finish, and a smooth pop. A great substitute for the pricier sevruga, the assertive paddlefish is a perfect accompaniment to smoked fish and a glass of brut rosé or a cold shot of vodka.

This roe from the finned fish found throughout the Southern United States has a very small, black, firm egg and a brininess that perfectly mixes with sour cream, cream cheese, lemon and herbs for a delicious caviar dip.

This vibrant orange, large pearl has a smooth, fresh, slightly sweet flavor and full pop lending a great texture and color to so many dishes. Try it in pasta or on rice. Serve it with eggs or on burrata crostini or tossed with radishes and brown butter as a salad. Its characteristics are so versatile.

This roe from the Ikura 1A grade salmon has a very large egg, full flavor and robust pop. We love it topped on cornmeal cakes or potato Rosti or even avocado toast!

With an iridescent bright golden hue, this roe has a small, crisp bead and flavor that is slightly sweet and very clean.

Traditionally used in Japanese cuisine, these tiny eggs have a mild flavor and distinct crunch that adds a nice texture to sushi. They are often infused with color and flavors and we carry a variety of options including red, black, orange, wasabi and yuzu.

Bacon Infused trout-
Bacon & Eggs! One of our favorite combinations. Using Nueske’s Applewood smoked bacon, this roe has the perfect balance of smokiness and sweetness with a hint of black pepper. Serve it on bagels and cream cheese or hash browns for our take on a classic!

Bourbon trout-
The combination of bourbon with its toasty caramel flavor paired with the natural sweetness of trout roe make it a perfectly decadent match. We’ve served it on everything from grilled cheese, to a steak to sweet potato cakes!

sake trout-
The delicate floral fruitiness of sake infuses nicely with the crisp fresh flavor of trout roe making this a must for serving with sushi.

smoked trout-
One of our most popular and versatile combinations. The refined smokiness of Alderwood gives this caviar a clean finish and full pop.

BBQ salmon-
This bold combination is reminiscent of salmon fresh from the grill. The roe has a smokiness and spice that can top anything from grilled corn to potato chips to steak for the ultimate surf & turf.

gravlax salmon-
An elegant take on the traditional Scandinavian flavor, this versatile roe has a sweet pop with a hint of white pepper and a fresh burst of dill. Top it on your next omelette or go traditional with pumpernickel toast and sweet mustard sauce.

lemongrass whitefish-
We use organic lemongrass to infuse this roe giving it a herbaceous citrusy flavor that makes for a fun topping to something like poached fish with rice or a chicken satay.

saffron whitefish-
The subtle savory fragrance of saffron and the natural ruby red color of beet juice makes this caviar a beautiful jewel-like garnish to so many dishes. We’ve loved it in a beurre blanc topped on ricotta ravioli or mixed into a white wine vinaigrette drizzled on butter lettuce with roasted beets or combined with aioli to accompany prawns.

truffle whitefish-
The bold, rich flavor of white truffles combined with the fresh sweetness of whitefish roe will make for a luxurious addition to any pasta, potato or egg dish.

pressed caviar-

California Caviar Company is proud to introduce the first domestic pressed caviar on the market. Developed for legendary chef Jacques Pépin, our pressed caviar combines the creamy flavor of White Sturgeon, the assertive full sea flavor from Paddlefish, and the nutty taste of Hackleback roe. It has a smooth paste-like texture that can be used in so many fun ways. Payusnaya can be rolled out thin between layers of plastic wrap and cut into circles to top seafood tartar. Freeze it slightly to firm up the Payusnaya and shave off ribbons with a vegetable peeler or micro plane to garnish pasta or risotto dishes. You can also mold into shapes to add to a martini or top on buttered brioche toast, or even spread a layer onto a grilled cheese sandwich!

“For the true amateur of caviar there is nothing like pressed caviar or payusnaya. The original Russian payusnaya was usually made from a mixture of beluga, osetra and sevruga eggs and for all intents and purposes it has been unavailable in the United States until now. With its intense, assertive taste and dense, smooth texture, it is extremely versatile and a wonderful new addition to the repertoire of the imaginative and inventive chef.” — Jacques Pépin

SPECIES — This pressed caviar is comprised of the roe from three American species of sturgeon. The White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus) is the primary caviar used and it is sustainably farmed. In the wild this fish swims along the Pacific Coast of North America and breeds in the fresh water tributaries of the Columbia River and Sacramento Delta. The Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) and Hackleback (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus) caviars are from two wild sturgeons found throughout the Midwest North American river systems. They are both freshwater species and mainly inhabit the murky shoals and deep pools found throughout.

ACCA Caviar by Chef Matthew Accarrino

For San Francisco-based Chef Matthew Accarrino, a hallmark of his cooking philosophy is playing an integral role in sourcing the very best ingredients possible. For the past several years, Chef Accarrino has been directly involved in the production of the sturgeon caviar he uses at his Michelin-starred restaurant SPQR.
His hands-on involvement goes from fish selection, to harvesting and curing each and every batch of roe himself. Until this point his caviar was only available to San Francisco diners and private customers.
Now, in a collaboration with California Caviar Company, his handmade ACCA Caviar by Chef Matthew Accarrino is available for purchase at retail in limited quantities.

SPECIES — Our White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus) is sustainably farmed. In the wild this fish swims along the Pacific Coast of North America and breeds in the fresh water tributaries of the Columbia River and Sacramento Delta.

Matthew Accarrino is a nationally recognized executive chef in San Francisco. Born in the Midwest and raised on the East Coast, he moved west to California in 2007. Matthew’s unique culinary style draws inspiration from his Italian heritage, personal experience, and classical training with some of America’s best chefs.
This includes a strong belief in direct sourcing, producing, and at times playing a role in the creation of ingredient sources. The result is an intensely personal cooking style that is both technically polished and soulful; and which has garnered praise from publications such as Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and SF Magazine.
Under Matthew’s current direction as executive chef, SPQR has been awarded a Michelin star for the past six consecutive years. Matthew was named a Star Chefs “2010 Rising Star” for his “innovative vision, finesse, and deeply satisfying cuisine,” and in 2011 he took top honors at San Francisco’s Cochon 555 competition.
He has been nominated five consecutive times for the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for “Best Chef: West.” Food & Wine Magazine named him “People’s Best Chef California” in 2013, and editorially selected him for the prestigious “Best New Chef” award in 2014.
Matthew co-authored and released his first book, published by Ten Speed Press – SPQR: Modern Italian Food and Wine – in October 2012. When not in the kitchen, Matthew is an avid cyclist who has raced at the local and national level.
He also works in a culinary capacity with several elite cycling teams in the Bay Area and a professional cycling team based in Greenville, S.C.

Caviar Kid®


Caviar Kid® Fish & Chips

Sustainable seafood and ocean conservation at its best, this snack pack includes Hackleback Sturgeon caviar, crème fraiche and organic corn chips for scooping.
It comes with a kid’s caviar spoon and your choice of an organic cotton Caviar Kid t-shirt or bib all packed in a reusable and 100% recyclable Caviar Kid cooler that has games and fun facts teaching your tot about ocean conservation and sustainable seafood.

SPECIES — (Scaphirhynchus Platorhynchus) Commonly known as ‘shovelnose’ and found throughout the Mississippi & Missouri river systems. Matures in 7 years, 2 feet in length and 5lbs. Wild caught.