Siberian Sturgeon Overview


Siberian Sturgeon
Imported Siberian Osetra
Our imported Siberian Sturgeon is a hardy breed of sturgeon that has thrived far from home in Uruguay and offers caviar aficionados a jet black egg with a smooth entré and a mild, fresh finish. Try it with fresh oysters or smoked sturgeon for a classic combination.

Try this caviar with fresh oysters and a glass of brut for a classic combination.




This hearty species offers a jet black, medium-size egg with a full sea flavor and nice pop.  Acipenser Baerii is found throughout Siberia’s rivers, including the Ob-Irtysh, Yenisey, Indirka, and Lena. Matures 10-18 years, 6-7 feet in length, and 140 lbs.

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