Crème by Cat Cora Whitefish


FROM CHEF CORA: I have created a specialty line of sustainable, nutrient and flavorful caviars. Creme by Cat Cara will wow all palates. California Caviar is a female-owned company that handcrafts sustainable caviar with the most delicate touch and passion. We share the same vision and philosophy.

The mildness of whitefish roe lends itself as a great addition to any seafood dish. The firm bead can stand up to heat so toss it in a pasta dish or top it on grilled fish.

With a bright golden hue, this iridescent roe has a small, crisp bead and a flavor that is slightly sweet and very clean. Coregonus Clupeaformis inhabits the fresh waters of the Great Lakes. Matures 2-3 years, 1-2 feet in length, and 4-5lbs. Wild caught.

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    FROM CHEF CORA: I have such a passion for the art of caviar. I love food and I have been lucky enough to experience caviars from all over the world. I would like to take this craft and make it available, affordable and delicious for everyone. I grew up in a Mediterranean inspired household and health, wellness and sustainability have always been part of my life. Acipenser Transmontanous The “white sturgeon” inhabits the Eastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska to the Baja peninsula. Matures 7-9 years, 5-6 ft in length and 80-100lbs.

    This caviar has deliciously topped everything from foie gras, to braised abalone, to chocolate mousse and paired perfectly with cabernet sauvignon, beer and of course champagne.

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    • 1 Ounce