Caviar Overview


White Sturgeon Caviar

A favorite among chefs for its versatility with food and wine pairings. This caviar has topped everything from foie gras, to braised abalone, to chocolate mousse and paired perfectly with cabernet sauvignon, beer and of course champagne. Though this is the caviar we choose to eat simply on a spoon.

SPECIES — Acipenser Transmontanous. The “white sturgeon” inhabits the Eastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska to the Baja peninsula. Matures 7-9 years, 5-6 ft in length and 80-100lbs.

Caviar Queen Reserve White Sturgeon — The caviar makers reserve white sturgeon caviar, featuring large platinum eggs with a buttery, fresh finish.

White Sturgeon (Royal) — This royal grade of our Osetra is hand selected for its light grey to tawny brown color. These large eggs have a nutty, buttery flavor and smooth pop.

White Sturgeon (Classic) — This grade of Osetra has a jet black medium-size bead. Although slightly smaller in size than the royal grade, you will still enjoy the same buttery, creamy pop.

Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar

Great for large parties, Hackleback can be used as a substitute for the pricier osetras. Its full flavor and nutty character lends itself well to anything from corn & red pepper pancakes to a burrata & brioche grilled cheese and pairs perfectly with either a glass of brut champagne or an amber ale.

SPECIES — Scaphirhynchus Platorhynchus. Commonly known as ‘shovelnose’ and found throughout the Mississippi & Missouri river systems. Matures in 7 years, 2 feet in length and 5lbs. Wild caught.

Hackleback Sturgeon — This popular wild American caviar has a small jet black egg and more assertive, nutty finish comparing favorably to international counterparts.

Paddlefish Sturgeon Caviar

A great substitute for the pricier sevruga, the assertive paddlefish is a perfect accompaniment to smoked fish and a glass of brut rosé or a cold shot of vodka.

SPECIES — Polyodon Spathula. Commonly known as ‘spoonbill’, inhabiting the vast Mississippi – Missouri – Arkansas river systems. Matures 10 years, 5 feet in length and 25-30lbs. Wild Caught.

Paddlefish Sturgeon — This American caviar has a small grey bead with a briny, slight mineral finish. and a smooth pop.

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