Pepin Caviar

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  • Jacques Pépin’s Pressed Caviar (Payusnaya) - California Caviar Company is proud to produce the first domestic pressed caviar in the United States. Developed by legendary chef Jacques Pépin, our pressed caviar combines the nutty flavor of White Sturgeon, the assertive full sea flavor from Paddlefish, and the creamy, rich taste of Hackleback roe.

    Jacques Pépin’s Pressed Caviar (Payusnaya)


    Developed by CCC for legendary chef Jacques Pepin, this delicious full flavor “payusnaya” has a smooth paste texture with unlimited versatility.

    This pressed caviar is comprised of the roe from three American species of sturgeon. The White Sturgeon, Hackleback and paddlefish.

    • 1 Ounce
    • 125 Grams

Showing all 1 result