Accarrino Caviar

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  • ACCA Caviar by Chef Matthew Accarino- For San Francisco-based Chef Matthew Accarino, a hallmark of his cooking philosophy is playing an integral role in sourcing the very best ingredients possible. For the past several years, Chef Accarino has been directly involved in the production of the sturgeon caviar he uses at Michelin-starred SPQR.

    ACCA Caviar by Chef Matthew Accarino


    Chef Matthew Accarino hands-on involvement goes from fish selection to harvesting and curing each and every batch of the roe himself. Until this point, his caviar was only available to San Francisco diners and private customers.

    Now, in a collaboration with California Caviar Company, his handmade ACCA Caviar by Chef Matthew Accarino is available for purchase at retail in limited quantities.

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