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California Caviar Company

Caviar Gift Sets

the perfect surprise for that special someone

Domestic Caviar Duo

One of our most popular kits includes 2oz of Hackleback and 2oz of Paddlefish conveniently packed in a personal black CCC cooler accompanied by 5oz crème fresh, pack of 30 blini, and 2 mother of pearl spoons. $183.00

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Spirited Marin

California Caviar Company has partnered with Spirited Marin, a local non-profit organization that supports local businesses and charities. We invite you to indulge with us and support Spirited Marin. We are proud to introduce the Spirited Marin Caviar Starter Kit. This Caivar Starter Kit is perfect for the Caviar Connoisseur to the Caviar Novice. It gives you the perfect foyer into the world of Caviar, ranging from one of only 2 wild Caviars still legal on the planet, Hackleback, to the unxious pop of the sweet Trout Roe, to the seasnap of the domestic Whitefish Roe. 25% of your Starter Kit purchase will go to Spirited Marin and the charities they support. $79.75

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Domestic Caviar Trio

Great sampler kit in a size everyone can enjoy! 2oz of White Sturgeon Classic, 2oz of Hackleback, 2oz of Bourbon Infused Trout Roe with 5oz crème fresh, pack of 30 blini, 4 mother of pearl spoons all in a personal black CCC cooler. $380.00

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The Gift of Gold

For the person who likes the finer things refined — Golden Russian Osetra 2oz, gold hammered bowl and platter set, and gold caviar spoon. $441.00

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Caviar Clutch 7 Days of Indulgence

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK PATENT LEATHER ONLY  For the women who has everything this set includes a Caviar clutch which is insulated, caviar key, wine opener, and 7 infused roes for an everyday indulgence. Truffle Infused Whitefish Roe, Bacon Infused Trout Roe, Bourbon Infused Trout Roe, Sake Infused Trout Roe, BBQ Infused Salmon Roe, Lemongrass Infused Whitefish Roe, and Saffron Infused Whitefish Roe all in 1oz. $102.00

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Fit for a King

125g Siberian Sturgeon is the center piece with this horn and bowl pedestal server accompanied by blini 30 pack and 5oz crème fraiche. $529.00

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Queens Reserve Gold Gift Set

An elegant gift, or for your own presentation, this gold gift set includes the caviar makers reserve white sturgeon in 2oz with a gold hammered bowl and platter, gold caviar spoon, blini 30pack and 5oz crème fraiche. $335.00

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The Perfect Gift

125g of Classic White Sturgeon placed in a gold pouch makes a sophisticated and stylish gift. $375.00

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Life's A Picnic

Sending you all of our love from California Caviar Company! It is our pleasure to present you with our romantic gift basket, perfect for a caviar picnic for two. The "Life’s a Picnic" set includes 2oz. of Kaluga caviar, 2 wine glasses, napkins, a cork screw and of course two Mother of Pearl spoons. Enjoy this package while it lasts!. $265.00

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On Par Caviar Set

For the golf lover! 1oz Paddlefish, 1oz Bacon Infused Trout Roe, 1oz Bourbon Infused Trout Roe, 3 Mother of Pearl Spoons, and 3 CCC Wilson Ultra golf balls. $135.00

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What are my shipping options?

Shipping Options

Caviar is a perishable item. To ensure you receive your caviar with the highest quality, we only ship overnight with a flat rate of $35 per order. If your order does not include a perishable item, you can choose from Overnight, 2nd Day Air, and Ground shipping. For complete ordering, shipping and returns information, click here.

When will my order arrive?

If your order includes only non-perishable items such as swag or serving accessories, you have the option of Overnight, 2nd Day Air or standard Ground shipping. If your order includes a caviar or perishable product, it will be shipped Overnight after processing — which takes 2 business days. For example, orders received before 5pm on Monday would ship Wednesday for a Thursday delivery. read more See complete shipping information here.

What about storage and serving?

The ideal temperature for storing caviar is 28° - 34° to preserve optimal quality. This is best achieved by keeping it on ice in your refrigerator. Unopened, caviar will last 4 to 6 weeks. Once opened, enjoy your caviar within 5 days. Serve caviar on a bed of shaved ice either in its own tin or in a glass or Mother of Pearl server. read more Get more serving tips here.

How about caviar recipes?

See caviar recipes

For our incredible, exclusive caviar recipes, please visit our read more caviar recipe pages.

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