• Gourmandises Blini

    Gourmandises Blini

    A traditional way to serve caviar, these petite French blini are a classic caviar accompaniment when toasted. We recommend crème fraîche and a glass of champagne of course. Imported from France. Quantity: 30.
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  • Bellwether Farms Créme Fraîche

    Bellwether Farms Créme Fraîche

    Family owned and operated in Sonoma County, Bellwether Farms produces award winning artisan cheeses. This crème frâiche is a classic French-style cultured cream that has a rich, nutty flavor with an appealing tart edge. A traditional accompaniment to caviar, crème fraiche rounds out the caviar’s flavor without overpowering it.
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  • Water Wheel Organic Crispbread

    These fine mini wafer crackers are one of our favorite ways to serve caviar, cheese or pate. They’re quick, easy and their delicate texture and clean, neutral flavor doesn’t take away from enjoying the pop of caviar pearls. Imported from Australia. Weight: 3.5 ounces.
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