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california caviar company

CCC Brings The Caviar Life to E! Entertainment : 'Buying for Billionaires'

CCC's founder and CEO Deborah Keane (who has clients that pay up to $2,500 an ounce for fine caviar) is charged with providing golden caviar, the most exquisite caviar from a fish so rare it's almost mythical, for the refined taste of her famous client's teenage son. An unforgettable look inside the extravagant demands of the most outrageously wealthy and demanding clients.

Angela and Jeffrey Zakarian at Pebble Beach Food and Wine 2013

CCC at the Sixth Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival. See more of our event coverage... read more

A BLAST FROM PEBBLE PAST: LEGENDS AMONGST THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF POWER  Celebrated chefs Michel Richard, Daniel Humm, Roland Passot and Jacques Pépin swap White House stories over caviar at the 4th Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival. What political junkie wouldn't love to be a fly on that wall? See more of our event coverage... read more


Every year CCC participates in events that bring together the best of the best in the culinary world, and we love sharing the results with our visitors.
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CCC believes that good health starts with good nutrition and so we maintain a commitment to giving back by supporting local charities as well as national ones. Continue reading read more


There is nothing we like to do more than to educate people on all things caviar. Want to host a small caviar tasting party in your home? We do that,too. Continue reading read more

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