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About California Caviar Company

About California Caviar Company

dedicated stewards of responsible, sustainable caviar production & distribution

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Our San Francisco Bay Area-based company provides the highest quality caviar available by partnering with the nation’s top farmers, importers, purveyors and chefs.

While supplying a superior, luxury food item, we offer sustainable products that incorporate use of only the most responsible of fish farming techniques.

CCC Founder Deborah Keane with Jacques Pepin and Ming Tsai at Pebble Beach Food and Wine 2011

AT PEBBLE BEACH Deborah Keane (CCC owner) with Jacques Pepin and Ming Tsai preparing dishes with Jacques' pressed caviar at Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2011.


Deborah Keane, AKA "The Caviar Queen", is the founder and CEO of California Caviar Company, the first woman-owned and operated caviar company in America.

California Caviar Company provides the best caviar in the U.S. by sourcing and hand selecting sustainably harvested caviar of impeccable quality from around the world.

"We know what is in our jars and we are proud to put on our label! This is rare in our industry but should be the standard", boasts Keane. With an eye on protecting the delicate resources that allows the company this natural gift, California Caviar Company set new standards for the American caviar industry focusing on sustainable aquaculture, innovation, education and affordability.

California Caviar Company enjoys collaborative partnerships with elite chefs, including Jacques Pépin, in developing and distributing signature caviar lines that push the boundaries of the gourmet world.

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