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Caviar Pairings

How to pair caviar with champagne, sparkling wine, wine and beer

caviar pairings with wine

A select pairing of caviar & roes with Roederer Estate Sparkling Wine.

Both caviar and wine are delicate seasonal products and will vary from species, farm and vintage, leaving you with absolutely no rules when pairing. Fortunately the only way to find a pairing you prefer is to experiment. Here are some general guidelines from successful pairing we have done in the past. Have fun!

Caviar and Wine & Sparkling Pairings

Cabernet Sauvignon

California white sturgeon.

Pinot Noir

California white sturgeon, paddlefish, whitefish, truffle whitefish, and sterlet.


California white sturgeon, paddlefish, trout, saffron whitefish, truffle whitefish, and sterlet.

Sauvignon Blanc

Hackleback, saffron whitefish, lemongrass whitefish.


California white sturgeon, hackleback, trout.

Sparkling Rosé

Paddlefish, bourbon trout, saffron whitefish, salmon, and sterlet.

Blanc de Blanc

California white sturgeon, paddlefish, bacon trout, truffle whitefish, and sterlet.

Blanc de Noir

Farmed Russian Osetra, trout, California white sturgeon, paddlefish, whitefish, truffle whitefish, and sterlet.


Farmed Russian osetra, Siberian Ostera, hackleback, and truffle whitefish.

caviar pairings with beer

Caviar and Beer Pairings


Hackleback, white sturgeon, farmed Russian osetra, and truffle whitefish.

Amber Ale

Farmed Russian osetra, hackleback, paddlefish, truffle whitefish, and plain whitefish.


Hackleback, bourbon trout, and farmed Russian osetra.


Salmon, hackleback, white sturgeon, and Siberian osetra.

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