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About The Farm

California Caviar Company has firmly been dedicated to sustainability since launch in 2007. One of our main goals was to bridge the gap between Old World traditions and New World innovations and to protect the delicate resources that allow us this natural gift. With the purchase of the farm, CCC not only closed the vertical integration gap but has raised the standard for the American caviar industry by focusing on sustainable aquaculture, innovation and education.

California Caviar Company is proud to be considered a leader by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which has begun using our model as the template for other farms. Seeking to raise awareness about the benefits and uses of caviar, we have developed the Vault program for our caviar chefs. Top chefs, including Jacques Pépin, Dominque Crenn, Cat Cora, Matt Accarrino, Fabio Vivianni, Peter Armellino and Eric Anderson, are invited to learn how to biopsy, harvest and produce custom caviar.